"Youth Basketball Tournaments in Northern California and Hawaii"
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PYRAMID POWER Presenter of Quality Youth Basketball Tournaments In Northern California and Hawaii.

The Great Pyramids of Giza are one of the seven wonders of the world. The Pyramids are said to have mystic power and symbolize the power of man's ability to do amazing and improbable things. The overwhelming nature of the process and preciseness of their construction continues to be a marvel. It is the one and only WONDER which does not require a description by the writers and poets of history. It is the one and only WONDER that does not need speculations concerning its appearance, size, and shape. It is the oldest, yet it is the only surviving of the Ancient Wonders. The construction was an engineering masterpiece which was built 43 centuries ago. The sloping angle of its sides is 51 degrees and 51 mintues exactly. Each side is carefully oriented with one of the cardinal points of the compass/north, south, east, west. The horizontal cross section of the pyramid is square at any level with each side measuring 751 feet in length. The structure consists of approximately 2 million blocks of stone each weighing more than two tons. The mystery, which only theories can address, is how was such a structure built?, how was it so exactly engineered over four thousand years ago? and how has it withstood over 4,000 years of time? and how it has survived over time? The key seems to be in the "Buliding of the Foundations" first by strategic and precise design and then with great attention to detail. So it is in the development in areas of life, including achieving dreams and goals by "Building Positive Foundations Through Sports".
"Man Fears Time,Yet Time Fears the Pyramids," Arab Proverb

ABOUT PYRAMID POWER; Welcome to Pyramid Power where you can start today by "Building Positive Foundations, for young people. This website is provided to keep you informed and aware of the opportunities for travel, competition, educational and cultural enrichment presented by Pyramid Power. Pyramid Power's Principal Consultant is Bill Trumbo, a life long athletic educator who has spent his career creating opportunities for young men and women, boys and girls through competitive experiences in sports. Trumbo, whose educational career has been actively engaged with teaching, coaching, administration, managing events, team building, tournament planning, mentoring, writing, and sports related travel, recently stepping down as the Head Men's Basketball Coach and Director of Athletics, at California State University, Monterey Bay, Trumbo is currently the Interim Dean of Physical Education, Athletics and Dance and the Athletics Director at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. Trumbo has served in teaching, coaching, and administrative positions at the high school, Jr.College, 4yr, NAIA, NCAA Division I & II level as well as a stint as the National Team Coach for the Kenyan Men's Basketball Team. He is a popular speaker and clinician. This website will allow you to have the benefit of Coach Trumbo's experience and learn the ,

"Lessons of Life" with the Trumbo Touch.

Pyramid Power provides great events for educational and cultural experiences, building on competitive youth tournaments in the Monterey Bay area as well as summer events in Hawaii.

Presented under the auspices of USSSA

For info call:Bill Trumbo, 831-901-8974

MONTEREY BAY MEMORIAL WEEKEND TOURNAMENT, May 23-25, 2009. 6th Grade through Varsity Divisions,  Four game guarantee

$ 295 entry fee


June 26-28.  Monterey/Carmel AREA gyms. Youth Divisions 5/6 grades-7/8 grades and High School Divisions 9th -JV & Varsity Boys and Girls Tournament.  Four game guarantee, $ 295.00 Entry Fee

Join the fun of a Pyramid Power Sponsored Event for more information call 831.901.8974.

BIG ISLAND BASKETBALL TOUR, Seven Day, six night Varsity-JV Tournament, Kona, HI July 9-15. One day 18 hour "Hoop Fest, Saturday July 11th


All travel and game arrangements can be provided by PYRAMID POWER, average cost per person $ 545.00 (excludes airfare) please contact Bill if interested.  $ 100 entry for "Hoop Fest" on Saturday July 11 at the Keauhou Sheraton Resort.

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